Sharon Herther, paintings & jewelry



We all have a gift. The question is, are you using it? If not, why not? Delight in your gift, for it will become a blessing to you and others. – Sharon Herther 


Raised in the Treasure Valley on a dairy farm… my mom always had time for the beauty of God’s creation. Mom’s canvas was in dirt and sky. She always drew attention to a beautiful sunset or geese overhead, the plowed field, an abundance of flowers and veggies to cultivate the possible painting. Her girls did draw and paint. She always kept us stocked with supplies to create and we did!

I have been blessed to always create and to try harder for better with every piece. As with life, our “foopause” will keep  us humble, and I have had many.

I had the pleasure of working  with the State of Idaho on Interpretive signs throughout this beautiful state; Cataldo State Park,  Ponderosa State Park and Bruneau State Park.  The Discovery Map of McCall is another project that lives on. I loved scrimshaw and taught myself how… scrimshawed for 12 years, which is very tedious art, still love this lost art.

I am currently painting and creating jewelry out of my home with my husband Mike. We have a shop next to our home that we all but live in.

Our logo is “Herther Leather. “

We love our life and what we do…

God Bless & thanks a bunch.

– Sharon Herther

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