Genie Sue Weppner, pottery


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Genie Sue is in love with pottery, both functional pottery and decorative clay vessels, and it shows in her work.


I fell in love with pottery when I spent a semester studying Anthropology in Japan.  During my visit, I became impressed with the incredible variety of dishware used to serve the amazing Japanese cuisine. Each dish was presented as a work of art.  Morsels of food were arranged attractively and each serving vessel complemented the food being served.  The act of eating together was almost ceremonial.  I have always recognized that coming together to eat can be a catalyst for building lasting relationships. That is especially true when the participants are being served on dishes that are unusually unique and attractive.  The idea of making vessels that could stimulate relationships in an extraordinary way intrigued me and keep me interested in producing functional pottery.

In addition, my anthropological roots exposed me to the fine craftsmanship of primitive man who made vessels that depicted both the spiritual and ordinary aspects of their lives.  I longed to master the earthy beauty of their wood and dung fired ware.  So I also create low fire decorative vessels that are burnished and sawdust fired.

Thus, I find myself involved in the production of both functional pottery and decorative clay vessels.

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