November at Gallery 55

In November, we are pleased to host guest artist Shawn Hubbs, who is strongly influenced by Steampunk, a sci-fi genre incorporating Victorian industrial steam-powered machinery and aesthetics. He builds intricate sculptures, such as models of airships or insectoid/mechanical fantasies, all from found objects. Some are functional. All are fun. Mid-month we will be installing our 8×8 Show, all wall-hung works measuring 8”x8” and priced for $64, or $1 per square inch. Do the math, it’s a deal and perfect for the holidays. 

View Shawn’s work, the 8×8 Show and the work of over twenty regional artists at Gallery 55 in the month of November. The gallery is open 11-5 daily, closed Thanksgiving Day. 

Gallery Fifty-Five is a nonprofit artist cooperative. 

Images: “Airship 2” by Shawn Hubbs and “Mountain Math, Sawtooths” by Theresa Burkes

Phone: 208-634-6313