Form for Selling an Item Online

Form for Selling an Item Online

Are you a member of Gallery Fifty-Five and would like to sell your art online? Gallery Fifty-Five will provide the space for listing your art on its website and manage online payments. The gallery charges a 15% commission for each sale, as usual. You will be notified for each sale. You will be responsible for your pricing and inventory management. For example, if the sold item is in the gallery, you must notify the shift worker to mark the item SOLD and then arrange for shipping that item according to your shipping strategy (see below). If you have sold out of your inventory through sales in the gallery or elsewhere, you must notify the gallery at that the item is no longer available.

Before submitting an art item for sale online, please make sure you have:

  • At least one good JPEG image of the item ready for upload and no larger than 3 MB in size.
  • A price that covers the gallery commission
  • A description of the item for sale
  • A shipping strategy: Will you be doing the shipping? If so, you can also predetermine and advertise a shipping fee on the sale page. However, if unsure about the shipping cost, you can also wait to determine the shipping fee at the time of sale. The gallery can collect any shipping fee before you ship and then send that onto you. If you want the gallery to ship the item instead, the item must be at the gallery in McCall. The gallery can then determine the cost of shipping at the time of sale, charge the customer and ship the item. You will not receive a shipping reimbursement in that case. If the item is available at the gallery in McCall, you also can offer an in-store pick up option.

For each item you wish to put up for sale online, please submit your information here.

Questions? Contact Terry at

This is just one of the many benefits of membership in the gallery. If you are not a member, you may apply here.