Jan Fease, jewelry



“I was born and raised in a small farming community, Melba, in southern Idaho. I think I got my hard-working habits and skills from my mother. She always said if you want something bad enough you must earn it. After I married my high school sweetheart, 56 years ago, we moved to Boise and now live in Garden City, Idaho. I have one son and two grandkids.

I consider myself a self-made Artist. When I retired in 2001 as a Hairdresser for 35 years, I decided I needed to put my creative skills to use. I made small things like anklets for friends, then made decorative beaded visors for all my golfing friends, I called them Brim Fancies. This led to selling them to different Golf Course in the valley and Arizona. Next, I got into making Boot Jewelry and selling them to Shoe Boutiques. My sister-in-law asked me to make jewelry for her Boutique in Eagle, Idaho I jumped on it. That is how my jewelry-making career got started.

I love making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I’m very eclectic, you don’t see your beautiful piece jewelry walking down the street on someone else. I love using natural stones from Idaho and unusual pieces from all over the world. The other materials I use are metals, leather, assorted beads, plus old antique jewelry that I repurpose.

I love selling my jewelry at different venues. I always say, you meet the most interesting people from all over while they are shopping. They always want to know about my old photos that I use as my earring cards. I always tell them why I choose to use them. I wanted something different that would catch people’s interest, so that’s how I came up with the of using the family photos, I told my siblings that we all looked like misfits, so the name stuck, just changed the spelling, that’s my logo, “MsFitz of Family Jewels” came about.”

– Jan Fease

You may contact Jan at Msfitzjewels@gmail.com.