Stephanie L. Teeter, pastel and oil paintings

Stephanie Teeter is a biologist, equestrian competitor and graphics and illustration artist with a love of painting. Her unique cross-disciplinary perspective shines forth in luscious oils and pastels of inspiring scenes from our intermountain west.

“Break in the Clouds,” pastel, 12×16
“Poppy Hillside,” oil, 16×20
“Field of Globe Mallow,” pastel, 9×12
“Lupine,” oil, 11×14
“Mac and Friends,” oil, 11×14
“River Light,” oil, 12×12
“Rooster’s Walk,” pastel, 11×14
“Hull’s Gulch First Snow,” pastel, 9×12
“Willie,” oil, 9×12



University studies including Theatre, Botany, Wildlife, Art  – at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Idaho, Boise State University, University of Massachusetts

Bachelors Degree in Animal Science

Masters Degree in Plant Science

PhD program (not finished) in Rangeland Ecology

1990 – present

Equestrian competition (Endurance)

Equestrian event hosting (National and International)

Website development and administration –– (1995 – present)

International journalism, travel, competition – equestrian

Graphic arts – illustration, cartoon, video creation


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