Michele Applebee, jewelry


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Michele Applebee’s work comments on the natural world and the seasons: sun on the lake, mountain ash berries in fall and the deep blue sky of a winter day are but a few of her inspirations.
“I am inspired by the natural world’s beautiful surroundings, the colors of the changing seasons in the spring, summer and fall. The beautiful afternoon sun shining on the lake causing glittering silver ripples inspires a Sterling Silver necklace with Aquamarine and Blue Apatite roundel cascading down to a faceted heart shaped Labradorite pendant with warm blue hues.  In the fall watching the Mountain Ash berries turn burnt orange and garnet red inspires a necklace or earrings of Hessonite and red Garnet.  Watching the Tamarack needles and the Aspen leaves turn to a brilliant canopy of yellow and gold inspires a piece with Hessonite Garnet, rutilated gold Quartz on Gold Chain. In the winter on a sunny clear day when the sky is an unreal deep azul blue inspires a piece that has Topaz and Amazonite. I love taking trips to the Oregon coast to walk the miles of sandy beach and sun silvered surf inspires a piece with caramel, beige and white cultured pearls leading to a pendant of Mother of Pearl shell pendant.  The color, shape and cut of the stones and pearls can be inspiring as well and is part of the process of making each piece eye catching.”