Mary Butler, paintings


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I love to paint!  I paint to express my love of color, movement and the great outdoors.  I was privileged to have grown up in rural Idaho in a ranching family.  I use traditional oil techniques and products to create classical style paintings, conveying our traditions and varied Idaho landscapes.  My art is expressionistic, creating a sense of energy, color and movement in each painting.

I love the feel of a loaded brush moving across the canvas and leaving a clean stroke of paint.  I am excited by the feeling of a painting coming together and the anticipation of the next painting.

Images clockwise: Mary Butler; “Eagle Island Ditch”, oil, 11×14, $ 460; “The Meanders”, oil, 12×16, $560; “Fishing at Grandjean”, oil, 12×16, $560; “Confluence”, oil, 9×12, $340