Mary Arnold, paintings



I am Mary Arnold, a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Boise Idaho, fascinated with animals and geology, representing them in an expressionistic style. Whether portraits of the land or portraits of animals, I seek to capture the soul of place and spirit. 

To create a memorable portrait of a person, an animal, or a landscape, I need to tunnel into the unseen territory of a soul to find and honor the hidden qualities that mark the location, individual, and their story. That journey to find the defining essence of the unseen spirit and then capture it in one of my expressionistic art works becomes my tribute to that unique landscape or individual. 

My notion of capturing the soul of a subject and connecting to the viewer lies in my childhood experiences exploring Idaho’s fields and hills, riding my horse to a steep-walled canyon or rocky butte, and spending summers and winters recreating in the Sawtooths. Of adopting every stray cat and playing hide-and-go-seek with my dogs in the cornfields. Of long hours raising, cuddling and just being with animals. Of feeling the hunger of a newborn calf guzzling a bottle of milk or feeding a litter of abandoned kittens. Animals were my companions and the fields, rocks and mountains of Idaho were my playground.

I love capturing in my art the rocks, canyons, rivers and mountains of Idaho. My expressionistic art style strives to convey the emotions that I feel when gazing at a particular place in a particular light. With every shift of the light, different facets emerge, piquing my interest anew.  

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