Laurel Lake McGuire, watercolor


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I am passionate about using my paints and what talent I have to open eyes to the beautiful and unique character of the world all around us. My early years growing up in Gloucester, a long time artist’s location, to my travels across the country and the world as a military spouse have constantly challenged and enhanced my development as an artist. From objects and natural forms like flowers and rocks to landscapes and people, the world excites my interest in capturing the essence of how it appears in my mind. I look at the finished painting,  illuminating a moment in time and space, as a gift to the viewer and the perception and interpretation they bring to it.

Laurel Lake McGuire was born April 25, 1962 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, an area long frequented by artists. She was interested in painting and drawing from an early age and studied watercolor with Martin Ahearn of Rockport, Massachusetts in the 1970s. Ms. McGuire graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 1984. She has been carried in the past by galleries in North Carolina, California and Idaho and had solo shows at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest CA in 1996 and Initial Point Gallery in 2014 and was the featured artist for September 2015 at the Art Source Gallery in Boise. In recent years she has won awards in shows in Denver, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Louisiana and Hawaii and she has taught workshops and juried several shows. Her work has also been in several of the Best of Watercolor Books in the late 1990s and her still life “Keep A Careful Watch” was featured in International Artist Oct/Nov2015 as a finalist. Ms. McGuire is a signature member of the Idaho Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and is an Associate Member of WAOW, as well as a member of several other local and regional art societies.As a military spouse her frequent moves to places such as Florida, California, Louisiana, Washington, Wisconsin and Hawaii has had it’s challenges but she has also benefited from ever expanding sources of inspiration and the wonderful support of various art communities all across the nation.Her work is carried by Art Source Gallery in Boise ID and here at Gallery Fifty Five in McCall, ID.

She is not limited in the subjects she finds interesting and has painted portraits and figures, landscapes, animals and perhaps her favorite subject, still life and florals. In her paintings, her aim is to convey that moment when your eye is arrested and your mind is illuminated with the soul of a scene. Never one to chase after the current fashion, Laurel has chosen to work in the subjects and styles that she finds most authentic to her vision. She thinks of her paintings as both accessible and open to deeper exploration. “Art is a window that lets the viewer see through both their eyes and mine” the artist says. With a realist style strongly influenced by the color and culture she has found in her travels the artist strives to work deeper through what she sees to what the image evokes. Now settled in Idaho, she plans to put down artistic roots in the west and continue to be inspired by this varied and wonderful world.

Recent awards include Juror’s Choice at the 2017 Idaho Watercolor Society’s Juried Show, Grand prize at the Eagle Plein Air Festival, and the Nora Stevens Founder Award at the TWSA 2016 Juried Show. Her painting “Tray2: Teacups” was selected for Watercolor USA 2017 at the Springfield Art Museum.