Katharina Roth, ceramics

Although I started out making functional table ware, I stumbled upon hand building during a class at NAU, and I discovered the freedom that goes along with it. I have enjoyed working with hand built porcelain ever since and am constantly exploring new forms and ways of expressing.

Roses and Plum Flowers detail editedLotus Petals editedThe Monk editedThe Bird editedPlumflowers full editedRoyal Purple edited

Artist Statement: Working on my pieces is a deeply meditative process. While I create each fold I explore the stories there are – in me and outside of myself. My preferred medium is porcelain because of its pure properties.

In my early work I used to leave the surface unglazed like a fresh canvas on which a new story can be written. Since my residency in China I use oxides, decals, and luster to underline the complexities of life.

Bio: I was born and raised in Switzerland, where I studied art history at the university of Basel. After having spent several years in Northern Germany and Munich I moved to the United States in 1992.

In the US I learned jewelry making and metal smithing and worked for several years in that field.  Curiosity is a driving force in my life and that led me to go back to college. In spring of 2015 I received a BFA from Northern Arizona University with focus on Ceramics, Sculpture, and Printmaking. My work has been exhibited in several shows.

Besides working in my studios in McCall and Sedona, Arizona, I enjoy outdoor activities, knitting, baking, and spending time with my husband and our two cats.

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