Julie Meikle, ceramics



I strive to create functional and organic work. I hope to create pieces of art people can use every day. My influences stem primarily from my time spent living in Asia, my education at Boise State University, workshops with other artists, and years of trial and error. I hope my works appear imperfect and natural like the methods and materials I use to make them. I make my work on the potter’s wheel, by hand or a combination of the two. I also construct my own glazes from raw materials and often experiment with new recipes. The shapes I make and their synergy with the glazes makes for compelling work that is simple and beautiful, while at the same time being useful. – Julie Meikle


Julie has been creating functional ceramics for nearly two decades and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. In 2006, the family moved to Japan. Spatial constraints of Japanese living meant that pot-throwing and electric firing took place in the middle of the house’s tiny kitchen. While in Japan, Julie was exposed to new ceramic influences and styles, including wood firing. These methods, which take inspiration from nature, continue to influence her work today. In 2020, Julie opened a private studio on 17th Street in Boise and launched The Pottery House.

For more about Julie and her art, visit www.boisepotteryhouse.com.