Gary Peer, wood sculpture


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I am interested in contrast.  Our world confronts us with distinct contrasts: black versus white, right versus wrong, absolute truth versus truth by consensus, etc.  In an increasingly relativistic society, such contrasts, like its people, lose their identity.  With my sculpture, I try to represent this contrast by depicting order versus chaos, space versus negative space, geometric versus organic, etc.  While my work appears abstract, it is actually quite representational from a conceptual standpoint.  It represents the logical order of things; i.e., the steady decay of all systems over time – what in physics is referred to as entropy, or the “Second Law of Thermodynamics.”

Wood is an organic material that suits me both artistically and philosophically. From the standpoint of an artistic medium, it provides its own contrast to our increasingly technological society.  Our Creator has provided us a most enigmatic material with intrinsic character and beauty.  The medium constantly reminds me that I am a “curator” as well as a “creator.”  Wood was undoubtedly the first sculptural material used by man.  In a time when technology is providing us with an ever increasing array of synthetic materials, and the art establishment demands work with ever increasing “shock value,” I believe that the tradition of aesthetic significance is still a virtue.